Zultanite Crystal Mineral Specimen #030


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Diaspore Crystal Mineral Specimen, 4.1 grams (20.5 carats)
Measurements: 39x 15x 10mm
Be one of the first who owns one of the rarest crystals in the world!
Expert’s evaluation:
Gemmy, but short end broken, tall twin cleaved. 
However, please remember: These specimens were acquired during the first seven years of mining the world’s sole deposit of a gem quality crystal which we are marketing as Zultanite. These specimens demonstrate the orthorhombic crystal habit of Zultanite but because of the unique nature of these crystals, none are considered “perfectly terminated” in the traditional sense. The terminations of Zultanite often take a right angle turn or are broken during formation or recovery.  The nature of the host rock (Bauxite) and rarity of complete crystal occurrence makes this piece extremely valuable even with imperfect termination.

The Fine Print:
Zultanite is pleochroic, meaning different colors are visible by viewing the gemstone from different directions and under different light sources. Because of this phenomenon Zultanite is difficult to photograph. So the colors you see in the images may look like pictured but are not guaranteed. The Crystal appears green in daylight.
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