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Gem-quality transparent color-change (diaspore) Zultanite® was discovered in the early 1970s. Commercial mining began in 2006 when Zultanite Gems LLC obtained mining rights to the deposit. Jewelers began to acquire some small stones during the 1990s, but larger fine quality crystals remained a collector’s hoard.

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Zultanite is one of the most difficult precious stones on earth to cut. Its trait called ‘perfect cleavage’ is similar to that of diamonds. It will shatter into a million tiny shards if cleaved (or cut) in a certain direction. So only an expert cutter knows how to orient the rough crystal correctly to reduce this tendency.

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Mining efforts are conducted in Turkey’s remote Anatolian mountains. Zultanite® is recovered from its host rock (Bauxite) at an altitude of over 1,000 meters. Tons of ore are extracted to reach the elusive crystals. With no running water and the nearest village seven miles away, it’s a very difficult process. But this single Turkish deposit is the world’s only known source of Zultanite.

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“It’s not easy to capture the color traits of genuine Zultanite®, as photographers quickly learn with this stone. Renowned gemstone photographer Jeff Scovil has been imaging the world’s most celebrated gems and minerals for years. He has also enjoyed the pleasure and challenge of capturing the best attributes of the amazing Zultanite.

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Zultanite Gems LLC, founded in 2005, promotes and markets the world's most elusive phenomenal gemstone, Zultanite®, to the world. We are committed to educate the public about this rare natural color-change gemstone.

About Zultanite®

There's nothing else quite like Zultanite® in the world of gemstones.
Things You Should Know About Zultanite®

COLORFUL HISTORY: Zultanite® is a rare and exotic gemstone with a history almost as colorful as its hypnotic appeal. This phenomenal stone is so-called because of its natural capacity to completely change color in different light sources. The thrilling trait is infinitely repeatable, and is a completely natural occurrence. The exclusive gem-quality transparent Diaspore is found in only one small region of the entire world; the remote Anatolian mountains of Turkey. The name pays homage to the sultans of the Ottoman Empire in the late 13th century, laying the foundation for modern day Turkey.

DISTINCT CHARACTERISTICS: The finest Zultanite® specimens transform from kiwi-like green to purplish-pink. Amazingly, the same stone may shift from a pastel pinkish-champagne to a ginger-ale hue in different light sources. Even the time of day can reveal subtle nuances in color. Genuine Zultanite® gems are highly transparent, and referred to as Type II stones which are 'clean' to the un-aided eye, but may reveal interesting natural inclusions under magnification. It may also exhibit a charming 'cats eye' effect, referred to as chatoyancy. This exotic jewel undergoes no treatment or enhancement of any kind to achieve its remarkable beauty.

  • Zultanite®: Rare, transparent color-change gem quality Diaspore

  • So much is lost during the cutting process (approximately 97% crystal loss) that stones over 5 carats are exceptionally rare.

  • Zultanite®'s hardness (rating 6.5-7 Mohs scale) and a specific gravity of 3.39 make this unique stone excellent for jewelry use.

  • Refraction is the bending of light as it passes through a gem. Gemstones with a high RI are more brilliant than those with a low RI. The RI of Zultanite® is just below a diamond and greater than quartz.

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Zultanite Gems LLC, founded in 2005 promotes and markets the world's most elusive phenomenal gemstone, Zultanite® to the world. We are committed to educate the public about this rare natural color-change gemstone. In the future we will offer extraordinary specimens for the collector, and look for opportunities to enrich laboratories and museums with contributions of Zultanite.