October 11, 2017


Mining for Zultanite®

Mining efforts are conducted in Turkey's remote Anatolian mountains. Zultanite® is recovered from its host rock (Bauxite) at an altitude of over 1,000 meters. Tons of ore are extracted to reach the elusive crystals. With no running water and the nearest village seven miles away, it's a very difficult process. But this single Turkish deposit is the world's only known source of Zultanite.

Genuine Zultanite® adheres to using environmentally-safe mining practices to preserve the integrity of the region. Genuine Zultanite is recovered with ethical mining techniques with safe procedures that protect the ecosystem: Water sources from chemicals, debris, rubbish, silt and other pollutants; minimize the destruction of flora and fauna; restore mined land as close as possible to its original condition and strongly oppose unfair labor practices by paying our employees well and provide safe working environments. Miners are provided housing and meals by the company. The outcome of this venture has had a positive economic impact to the surrounding communities and to the lives of the miners and their families.

View Photos from the Zultanite® Mine

Hand-mined in the mid-1980s by small-scale miners, Zultanite® has only been in commercial production since 2006. Zultanite® is mined directly from its host rock at the world’s only known Zultanite® deposit, high in Turkey’s Anatolian Mountains. Located at a height of over 4,000 feet, the mine requires the extraction of tons of ore just to reach these amazing crystals.

With the nearest village of Selimiye in the Milas county of Muğla located more than seven miles away, there is no electricity or running water onsite, making mining at this remote location extremely challenging. Through increased mechanization Zultanite® production will undoubtedly increase, which will provide a consistent supply of quality gems in the quantities required by a wide range of jewelry retailers.