October 11, 2017


History of Zultanite®

Gem-quality transparent color-change (diaspore) Zultanite® was discovered in the early 1970s. Commercial mining began in 2006 when Zultanite Gems LLC obtained mining rights to the deposit. Jewelers began to acquire some small stones during the 1990s, but larger fine quality crystals remained a collector's hoard. During that period, very few stores worldwide were fortunate enough to offer these precious stones.

Until not that long ago, illegal mining and exportation of small quantities occurred with Zultanite. Unfortunately, the crystals found themselves in the inexperienced hands of Far East cutters who were not trained in Zultanite, resulting in poor quality stones. Zultanite is named in honor of the Ottoman Empire's (now Turkey) original 36 sultans. Once only a few world-class collectors enjoyed owning Zultanite; but today gemstone lovers have the opportunity to both enjoy and wear it for others to admire.

Legendary GIA gemologist Richard T. Liddicoat admired this award winning Zultanite at the Tucson Gem Fair 1999. This was his first introduction to Zultanite.

The exceptional 26.04 carat Zultanite that Mr. Liddicoat admired is this AGTA 1995 Cutting Edge Award winner. The "Uniquely-K Apex" gem was crafted by master cutter Stephen Kotlowski, BS, GG (GIA), CSM of Newburgh, NY. This remarkable Apex Fan shaped jewel launched Zultanite into world acclaim.It is with great sadness at his passing, that Mr. Liddicoat cannot witness our accomplishments today.