October 11, 2017


Cutting Zultanite®

Zultanite is one of the most difficult precious stones on earth to cut. Its trait called 'perfect cleavage' is similar to that of diamonds. It will shatter into a million tiny shards if cleaved (or cut) in a certain direction. So only an expert cutter knows how to orient the rough crystal correctly to reduce this tendency. Knowledgeable cutters must also study the stone and position the facet angles for maximum color-change effect.

Even so, Zultanite yields just about 3% (nearly 97% of the rough is lost) in a finished cut gemstone. This extremely low yield further adds to the rarity of Zultanite. Large carat sizes of Zultanite are exceedingly hard to find; anything over 5 carats is an exceptionally rare occurrence.

Your gem bearing the Zultanite® brand is a guarantee that the stone was cut by the world's leading expert cutters to achieve its optimal proportions. Your quality gemstone from Zultanite Gems LLC is accompanied by a Quality Assurance Report identifying your unique jewel as a genuine Zultanite.


The third largest eye-clean cut Zultanite weighing 80.25 carats was created by master cutter Stephen Kotlowski. It originally weighed over 260 grams. Kotlowski labored more than 30 hours over a period of several days to complete this masterpiece. The modified oval cut gem earned 3rd Place in 2009 at the AGTA's Cutting Edge Awards.